2024.03.25 UP

2024年度前期 営業のご案内






◉日替わりランチ定価               880円
◉藝大食堂コーヒー付ランチ            1,100円

◉教職員割(非常勤を含む)          850円
◉学割(学生・助手)             580円













> お電話
0297-84-1874 [取手アートプロジェクト・食堂営業中は平日10:00-17:00受付/お休み期間中は火・金10:00-17:00受付]

> LINE公式アカウント こちらから友達追加






Opening of the 1st semester of 2024:
The Geidai Dining Hall will open for the 1st semester from 8 April (Mon), 2024.
Whether it's been a while or it's nice to meet you, we look forward to welcoming you.

Information for the 1st semester of 2024
Lunch prices
Daily lunch price: ¥ 880-
Lunch with coffee in the Geidai Cafeteria: ¥ 1,100-

Teachers and staff discount (including part-timers): ¥ 850-
Students and assistants: ¥580-

(All prices include tax).

Cash and cashless payment are avairable.

For Guests,

Geidaishokudo is a dining hall where you can support the artists by eating in. The aim is to make a profit by charging a fixed price, which will be used to enrich foodstuffs and for artistic and cultural projects.

The cafeteria is busy between 12pm and 1pm with students and teachers after classes, so we recommend that you use the cafeteria at a leisurely pace from 1pm.

The menu is only available as a 'daily special' every day.
Please note that it may take some time to serve the food as it is prepared by a small number of people.

The Geidai Shokudo has been making a limited number of handmade meals every day to avoid food loss since the opening of the restaurant. Therefore, if you are coming to the restaurant with more than five people, please continue to make a reservation to ensure that no one misses out on any of the food.

How to make a reservation
Please contact us at least three days in advance using one of the following methods.

> By Telephone
0297-84-1874 [Toride Art Project Office open weekdays 10:00-17:00].

> Add a friend from the official LINE account here.


We, Geidaishokudo will continue to operate as a cafeteria that supports young artists from the stomach up.
We look forward to working with you again in 2024.